We are a consulting firm that supports clients by helping them to develop projects using our toolset. We consult with large and small NGOs and other international organizations. We provide training, curriculum, project development and implementation, and strategic consultation on using our toolset in participatory technology, and develop new ideas and new tools as needed.


  • Community Mapping:
    • OpenStreetMap – this user-created and editable map of the world is the premiere open-source tool for geographical data.
    • Participatory GIS Exercises, Online-offline for low-tech environments
    • Program design for small and large scale mapping
  • Citizen Journalism and Advocacy: , New platforms tailored to specific needs
    • Video – We train in the use of simple handheld video cameras or camera phones to create news and informative local features for upload online.
    • Ushahidi and citizen feedback – Feedback and reporting as well as responder integration using Ushahidi, Frontline SMS, and other feedback mechanisms.
    • Blogging – Training in community and citizen reporting on WordPress, Hyperlocal media sites.
    • Social Networks – For advocacy and issue-specific reporting, Facebook, Twitter integration with other tools.
  • Platform support and development:  We can customize existing tools to your project, or build new websites and interactive software. We also work with mobile applications and appropriate technology infrastructure.

    How we can help you:

  • Advise on new technology and ICTD project design, from a base of in-depth field level experience.
  • Provide training in community mapping tools and strategies
  • Training in OpenStreetMap and map integration into projects
  • ICTD project implementation within communities
  • Develop appropriate technologies and methods for engagement of citizens in participatory and democratic processes.
  • Develop community-based monitoring and evaluation – using crowd-sourcing, mobile devices, and social networks to engage communities in tracking developing and providing feedback.
  • Improve networked data and information and flow between citizens, government, international agencies, and local organizations.
  • Develop projects in open source mapping and geographical analysis
  • Train journalists and citizen journalists in new media technologies and tools for reporting on local conditions and issues and using information for action.
  • Help increase transparency through citizen engagement via technology – reporting by mobile phone and accessible web on projects, government, and organizations

What you should know about GroundTruth. We…

  • prioritize empowerment of the grassroots communities: where we work, the pure extraction of information and data is ultimately not useful; the most important consumers and creators of information resources are community members.
  • believe in open data and open information: using platforms and creating resources that are public and shared and accessible to all.
  • support participatory processes: this means engaging people and supporting them to use own the media and technology they create.
  • are flexible, agile and iterative: in our approach to engagement in communities and technology, projects adapt to context and are extremely responsive to local needs and conditions in order to work.
  • are open and transparent in our process: we blog about everything we do and expose as much as possible the failures and adaptations we go through in order to support learning for others.