Journalism and Mapping, Presenting to Armenia

Today was my second opportunity to present to Public Journalism Club in Yereven, at the invitation of Seda Muradyan. This a group of journalists, working with new technologies and approaches, especially for the upcoming election. It’s excellent to present GroundTruth’s experiences, particularly Map Kibera’s 2010 Referundum monitoring, which shows how maps and journalism can really connect for a powerful story.

That’s a very small video of me, talking to a patient audience through a translator. I’m still amazed that anything like this is possible on our planet.

The group has set up an Ushahidi instance, with OpenStreetMap base map, to monitor elections: Look forward to seeing how the Armenian election develops.

The slides:


Our final lap! If you’re in NYC, hope to see you at one of these events. Or get in touch for us to meet up.


We’ll be in Boston next week! Giving talks and connecting with heroes. We’re updating on all things Map Kibera, our reflections on the past year, and opening doors for what’s next with GroundTruth. If you’re in Boston, gives us a shout!

Abstract for the talks…

Mikel Maron and Erica Hagen, founders of Map Kibera and GroundTruth Initiative, will present their work in Kenya with Map Kibera, featuring digital mapping using OpenStreetMap, citizen video journalism and SMS-based reporting in the Kibera and Mathare slums. They will also discuss recent work in Haiti and ongoing research on participatory development and technology with the Institute for Development Studies. Particular focus will be on the challenges inherent in community-level participatory technology and media work.

After Boston, back down to NYC, details in development.